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Our use case of the month

Food Inspection

The media already published various scandals that may result from neglected quality controls and poor process monitoring. The foodstuffs to be analyzed (whether liquids, powders, legumes, fruits, vegetables, coffee beans, grains, etc.) can be checked without contact. Milled products (such as flour) are the basis for many more products in the food industry. They are important basic […]

Inspection of nuts

In every shop you can buy them, whether in a supermarket, at a kiosk, in a cafeteria, or at a bakery: nuts. They are a healthy snack which is usually served in a perfect mix as “student food”. But until the different nut varieties are ready for consumption, the products go through a long process from […]

Analysis of adhesives

Adhesives. They are available in every color, consistence and intensity. Adhesives are indispensable in any industry these days. They are used everywhere for everything. The most diverse materials can be joined together with adhesives. The addition of liquids as binders assembles the various elements without creating weld seams, drilling holes, using screws or other ancillary […]

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LuxFlux @ VISION in Stuttgart (Oct 4-6)

LuxFlux will again participate in the VISION trade show in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth!

Opsis HSI-1700

Luxflux CEO, Dr Jan Makowski gives a quick demo of the Opsis HSI-1700 Imaging Spectro Scanner, developed in partnership with EKO Instruments.

LuxFlux at PhotonicsWest @ San Francisco, February 2020

LuxFlux GmbH will be presenting at SPIE Photonics West to be held in San Francisco from 4th – 6th February 2020. We will be showcasing our exclusive product – Polyscanner and our other Hyperspectral Solutions. Polyscanner is a plug & play Hyperspectral System for color, chemistry and surface inspection. LuxFlux is a software and systems […]


LuxFlux GmbH is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre in Baden-Württemberg.