Hyperspectral imaging in the agricultural field

Using hyperspectral imaging, we make it possible to test the food during its growth on the fields. In this way, the goods can already be characterized and their quality status can be identified before the harvest. This saves much time and many costs, since the plants can be examined very early for possible diseases, parasitic infestation or maturity level. The process takes place without any contact (e.g. with the help of drones). Thus, there is no danger during the measurement process to contaminate the still healthy products with pests or harmful fungal or pollen traces. In addition, measurements can also be taken to determine the nutrient and water content of the plants. Following this, it is possible to remedy the deficiencies accordingly.

We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and contactless real-time measurements. Our camera-based software could also be integrated directly into the tractors or sprayers so that the plants can be “scanned” for possible damage or deficiencies. Subsequently, the machines could automatically spray the spot with the suitable “antidote”.

The technology can be applied to a wide range of camera models. The flexible architecture of our software allows to operate in highly diverse areas. Our method enables more efficient work in agriculture and in the food industry.