LuxFlux is committed to a more sustainable future. We are on the way to a recycling economy. With our sorting solutions you get closer to your destination! We developed a special camera software, based on the analysis of near-infrared spectra, which highly improves the sorting process! Conventional sorting technologies are limited. We overcome this with a method in which the remaining foreign substances are reduced to a maximum. Each material is classified and can then be sorted out.

The pure and accurate identification of the most diverse types of material, as well as the resulting readout of the irregular objects is automatically integrated into the machine process after the installation of the software. A large proportion of consumers will presume the different plastics under the collective term plastic. But whereas the near-infrared camera is capable of making further differentiations (e.g. PP: polypropylene, PS: polystyrene, PET: polyethylene terephthalate) in order to achieve a more exact end result.