Foreign Object Detection

Hyperspectral Imaging optimizes the foreign object detection process. A successful inspection plays an important role especially in the food industry. In contrast to conventional RGB cameras, which basically represent only three colors, hyperspectral camera systems differentiate over a hundred colors. With this method the chemical composition of a wide range of substances can be examined. Our camera software can not only detect unwanted by-products, minimal color changes, and impurities, it is also possible to measure the moisture content in the product.

The inspection and process analysis can take place in real-time within the production process. In contrast to common samples, which in turn require higher costs and more time, LuxFlux offers a suitable alternative. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and non-contact measurement in the process.

Our software enables more efficient work in the food industry. Optimizing the analysis, inspection, and sorting process ensures a high standard of quality. It ultimately facilitates the customer’s buying decision while protecting the consumer and enhancing the reputation of their own brand.