Plastic Inspection & Recycling

everywhere and difficult to get around. In most cases, the material is quite robust and durable. The long durability of the synthesized fabrics is another reason to use plastic material.

By environmentally friendly recycling, the used materials can be “reshaped” and reused again. Our daily waste products are now much more than just “garbage”. They contain valuable raw materials that can and should be recycled. The basic chemical structure of the artificial substances allows different recycling methods. Among other things, a distinction is made between material recycling and the mechanical (or chemical) recycling process. LuxFlux orients itself with its technology in the first mentioned field. With its software, LuxFlux supports and simplifies the work and the production processes in material recycling.

Our software identifies and classifies the products in real-time. But how exactly should we be able to differentiate plastics that appear to be externally identical to the human eye? The LuxFlux.Software uses optical measurement techniques to analyze the plastics. By optimizing the analysis and sorting procedure, a particularly high quality standard is ensured. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and non-contact measurements in real-time. With the help of algorithms, the material properties are now “visible” to the human eye or to a machine.