Analysis of adhesives

Adhesives. They are available in every color, consistence and intensity. Adhesives are indispensable in any industry these days. They are used everywhere for everything. The most diverse materials can be joined together with adhesives. The addition of liquids as binders assembles the various elements without creating weld seams, drilling holes, using screws or other ancillary material. This argument is a major advantage for lightweight construction.

The different adhesives must adhere to various surface structures. In addition, the binder is often exposed to high temperature variations, which it must withstand. Each of the substances should meet all the requirements concerning quality standard and safety. In order to reach this demand, it requires explicit checking and testing of the adhesives during the individual production processes. The adhesive substances or liquids should be checked regularly for adhesion, consistency, degree of hardness and mixing ratio.

Unlike common samples, which are costly and time-consuming, LuxFlux offers a suitable alternative. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and non-contact measurement in the process.