Inspection of nuts

In every shop you can buy them, whether in a supermarket, at a kiosk, in a cafeteria, or at a bakery: nuts. They are a healthy snack which is usually served in a perfect mix as “student food”. But until the different nut varieties are ready for consumption, the products go through a long process from harvest to sale. In several steps, the cores suitable for consumption must be as cleanly and as gently separated from their shell as possible.

Germany is known for its high standards in quality control in the food industry. They have very strict guidelines. And there are a lot of conditions and restrictions that must be adhered to. In contrast to common samples, which in turn require higher costs and more time, LuxFlux offers a suitable alternative. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and non-contact measurement in the process.
The nuts to be analyzed (e.g. walnuts, hazelnuts or macadamia nuts) can be tested and classified without any physical contact. The non-contact measuring process protects the goods from damage.

Food sorting works by means of hyperspectral near-infrared sensors. LuxFlux has developed the industry-suited technology in order to quickly and effectively remove foreign objects (e.g. stones, wood, paper, plastics, glass particles or insects), unwanted by-products (such as shells, stems or leaves), contaminants or “material damages“.

We offer reliability and perfection. Hyperspectral Imaging is an innovative method that is particularly effective in the processing of nuts. By optimizing the analysis and sorting procedure, a particularly high quality standard is ensured. It ultimately facilitates the customer’s buying decision while protecting the consumer and enhancing the reputation of their own brand.