Tablet inspection in the pharmaceutical field

Hyperspectral camera systems go far beyond the visibility of standardized color cameras (RGB). As a result, hyperspectral analysis is needed, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, to quickly and efficiently “scan” tablets, capsules, pills, fluid residues or blister packs. Our software captures the surface structures in a simple, fast and precise manner. It analyzes and identifies the materially relevant characteristics and measures the substantial changes in the product.

In production, it is a big advantage to verify packaging for completeness. Just as helpful is the analysis of the individual products, which run in huge amounts in no time on the assembly line. At this point, the mixing ratios of the medications is an interesting matter. Without additional aids, one can only make assumptions about the material composition. This is where our technology comes in: it enables differentiation and analysis using hyperspectral lightwave measurements. Our method does the preliminary work and paves the way for subsequent withdrawals.

This way medicines can be inspected and differences in consistency or composition can be detected. The LuxFlux software is supporting the work process by analyzing the goods in real-time, classifying them by properties and providing information (e.g. good or bad) via a protocol. Thereby quality defects of many kinds can be unmasked. Indeed, the non-contact inspection is perfect for sensitive products like pharmaceuticals.