Spectroscopy allows the quantitative determination of water, which is bound in a substance. Applications are found predominantly in renewable resources such as e.g. coffee, wheat or tobacco.


NIRS can make products safer. Invisible markers allow backtracking and are effective against counterfeiters.


There is a wide range of applications in the industrial sector: the measurement of oils and lubricants as well as the analysis to evaluate surfaces are classic NIRS applications.

Life Sciences

By Life Sciences we understand all applications from pharmaceuticals to medical technology. With NIRS, for example, blood sugar or urine can be analyzed. E-Health does not stop with the fitness bracelet.


There are as many use cases as food diversity. With our technology the water content in honey or the sugar content of food can be measured. Meat is also very well suited for analysis using NIRS.


In the recycling process, the identification of plastics plays a major role. Polymers can be identified precisely with NIRS.


In agriculture, NIRS is used for soil analysis. Seeds or agricultural products are well suited for NIRS analysis.