Legumes are in greater demand than ever. The enormous spectrum ranges from chickpeas, over the most different types of lenses, such as beluga or red lentils, to sweet lupins and soybeans. The varieties of legumes count well over 1000 different varieties. Legumes are one of the most popular and sought-after foods in African and Asian […]


In every shop you can buy them, whether in a supermarket, at a kiosk, in a cafeteria, or at a bakery: nuts. A healthy snack that is usually served in a perfect mix as “student food”. But until the different nut varieties are ready for consumption, the products go through a long process from harvest […]


Quality assurance at a high level Who would like to discover at the weekly purchases in the supermarket inedible or even harmful residual substances in his food? The media already published various scandals that may result from neglected quality controls and poor process monitoring. Germany is known for its high standards in quality control in […]