Hyperspectral image data for high-precision color measurements LuxFlux has developed a technology to visualize a wide variety of material properties. For example, differences in structure and color can be identified, classified and measured. Particularly in the field of print media, it is important that the color values ​​appear exactly the same and are of an […]


The processing of one of the oldest and most important materials in the world: wood. Wood is an important raw material not only in terms of its sustainability but in terms of its economic aspect. The optimized processing chain is a priority for the wood industry. Thorough quality control and assurance is required right from […]


We work for a sustainable future What happens to our waste paper? The daily waste products are now much more than just “garbage”. They contain recyclable raw materials that can and should be recycled. The “life cycle” of a product describes its duration, or durability. If a product exceeds this cycle, the validity and quality […]


Two elements are particularly important in paper production: wood and waste paper. The recycling of waste paper is in high demand because of its environmentally-friendly measures. Paper is produced in many variations. Its surface structure and colorfulness are unlimited. The spectrum ranges from wavy, roughened, especially soft, via shiny or glittering, to extremely hard paper […]