Inspection Systems


Application Notes

Compact HSI solution PolyScanner

An additional enormous potential in the automation of quality control by means of industrial image processing is provided by Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) technology. After limited analysis options based on Monochrome / Color images, the wide field of application of high-resolution HSI begins.

The modular and space-saving HSI solution is perfectly designed for the inspection of objects: Clear identification, classification and quantification of color, surface texture and chemical material identification – organic / inorganic materials. The particularly simple handling and operation concerns both laboratory-based HSI development tasks, rational manual sample control, and integration into automated production lines. A high-performance compact and high-resolution HSI complete solution for all industries. Especially for the food, packaging, plastics and pharmaceutical industries.

The complete HSI solution PolyScanner consists of the following modules: camera, lighting, HSI software FluxTrainer, industrial PC, linear axis and housing. The whole integrated in the dimensions of only L 500 x W 400 x H 500 mm. This compact system allows inspection of objects in the dimensions of up to L 200 x W 200 x H 100 mm with a feed of the linear system or optional mini conveyor belt up to 50 mm / s. The high-resolution HSI line scan camera offers a spatial resolution of <0.1 mm and a spectral resolution> 200 channels. This allows an extremely fine detection capability. Optimized for the needs of HSI, the lighting offers broadband and homogeneous light. Compared to conventional industrial image processing HSI provides higher data for the detailed differentiation of the material surface. A powerful industrial PC and the comprehensive HSI LuxFlux.Software Suite with simple operation also ensures the imaging of very complex requirements. Specializing in hyperspectral imaging, Luxflux software provides real-time capability, artificial intelligence algorithms, and industry 4.0 aspects. In the interest of the user, this modular HSI solution ensures a very high spectral bandwidth with high spatial resolution and user-friendliness.