Our connects the camera to any local hardware or application, e.g. machine control. Our algorithms analyze and transfer the raw data from the camera and reconfigure this measurable data into analytical, technological research, examinations, or measures suitable for the end-user. We adopted automation-technology open standards for greater adaptability for machine integration.

The different fields of application can be subdivided into analysis processes, inspection systems and sorting.

Our software is camera-independent and can integrate different camera types; from simple spectrometers via line-scan cameras to full-surface hyperspectral cameras. Currently, we are devising a camera solution to retrofit existing microscopes, making it possible to obtain chemical information about samples in addition to image information. 

In addition, LuxFlux also offers Hyperspectral Camera Systems and Spectrometer Systems.

For a comprehensive understanding of the industries our software can be employed, please refer to our Industries.

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