Spectrometer Systems

Spectrometer Systems

A spectrometer is an optical measuring device and is used to generate spectra. It determines the spectral composition of light. This technique makes it possible to measure the spectra and their wavelengths accurately.
A spectrum is the splitting of the light in colors (or wavelengths) when passing through a (diffraction) grating. The light rays are split by the grating into its spectral “components”. The different light wavelengths are diffracted optically different in the grating.

Comparable is the grating with the back of a CD. When a CD is held in the light, it shimmers in colorful rainbow, or spectral colors.



LuxFlux offers two different spectrometer systems:

The fibre module, which transmits the spectral data via fiber optics and, depending on the probe (or measuring head), is suitable for measuring solid and liquid substances.
In contrast, the solid scanner is used especially for the measurement of solids. It consists of an optic + spectrometer + light source.


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