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For more safety: industrial adhesives in the automotive industry

Adhesives. They are available in all colors, consistencies and degrees of strength. The use of adhesives in the automotive industry is increasing nowadays. Almost everything is now glued (from the engine via the windows through to various body parts). Security audits prove that the glued vehicles are far more stable and perform better in the test than the welded ones with seams. The binder assembles the different elements without drilling holes and using screws or other ancillary material. This argument is a major advantage for lightweight construction. In the production of electric vehicles, industrial adhesives are used particularly in the car battery to reduce the total weight of the vehicle. In this way it is possible to travel longer distances.

The adhesives must adhere to different surfaces and withstand changing temperatures. Each of the substances should meet all the requirements concerning quality standard and safety. In order to reach this demand, it requires explicit checking and testing of the adhesives during the individual production processes. The adhesive substances or liquids should be checked regularly for adhesion, consistency, degree of hardness and mixing ratio.

This allows substances to be measured and identified in real-time using a simple procedure. In this way, the material differences can be detected and corrected.

Unlike common samples, which are costly and time-consuming, LuxFlux offers a suitable alternative. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and non-contact measurement in the process. This method detects and identifies the most diverse material properties. The substances can be checked and measured without any physical contact in real-time. Due to the optical measuring method, there is no danger in the checking process. The quality of the objects to be examined is protected. The non-contact measuring process protects the goods from damage.

Process analysis means the analysis of procedures and processes, for example, to identify existing defects or weaknesses in the product line. Following this, the production process can be optimized. Our software supports the work process by analyzing the goods in real-time, classifying them by properties, and providing information (for example, good or bad) via a protocol.

Our technology can quickly and effectively identify and measure a wide range of deviations, foreign substances and other contaminants, up to “material deficiencies”.
This method enables more efficient work in many industrial sectors. By optimizing the analysis procedure, a particularly high quality standard is ensured.


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