Two elements are particularly important in paper production: wood and waste paper. The recycling of waste paper is in high demand because of its environmentally-friendly measures.

Paper is produced in many variations. Its surface structure and colorfulness are unlimited. The spectrum ranges from wavy, roughened, especially soft, via shiny or glittering, to extremely hard paper sheets. The products may also have other characteristics (such as special wax coatings, or adhesive tape). To identify and test all of these differences in production, LuxFlux has developed a software that identifies and measures material properties using hyperspectral measurements.

The LuxFlux technology supports, simplifies and improves the sorting and analysis process in the paper industry. Our special camera software reveals moisture damage, adhesive residue and other damage to the paper. In addition, different types of paper (e.g. deviations in the density or the composition of the individual fibers) can be analyzed and sorted out in real-time.

When it comes to the consumption of cardboard and paper products, the German population falls into the top 10 worldwide. According to the Federal Environment Agency a German inhabitant uses over 200 kg of paper waste annually.
The numbers are scary. The uses of paper are seemingly endless: it appears in the form of hygiene articles or as “tools” in education or for communicative purposes, books, notebooks, pads, sheets, notes, colorful post-it notes and much more. In daily consumption (at work or privately) paper is often used thoughtless and partly used to an exaggerated extent. The above-average short “life” of paper or cardboard articles makes you think about your own consumption. Paper does not arise from an endless, never-ending source of resources: therefor, trees must be felled and whole forests cleared. From an ecological point of view, the high consumption rate can no longer be supported.

That’s why we at LuxFlux are committed to greener practices. With our technology, we are looking into the future! We help the paper and recycling industry in the field of sorting and process analysis to a more effective, time-saving and profitable process.


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