Especially in Germany, plastics have become an indispensable material for the packaging industry. In most industries, plastic materials have become very important. We could not imagine everyday life without it.

The variety of colors and shapes of plastics seems endless. In daily life we ​​face a wide range of plastic objects. Of course, there are also very useful items to find. The applications for plastics ranges from colorful children’s crockery and cutlery, via coffee mugs, bottles, ribbons, toys and boxes, to the most unusual packaging. The different products are available everywhere and difficult to get around. In most cases, the material is quite robust and durable. The longer durability of the synthesized fabrics (unlike “natural” products such as cardboard) is another reason to use plastic material.

Today, everything is constantly evolving. New substances are being developed and their quality improved. Constantly, new products are being offered on the market. The plastic industry promotes new insights in production and does research for optimum material improvement.

Being organized makes life and work that much easier. Our software identifies and classifies the products in real-time. It improves sorting in many ways, because good organization is half the battle. But how exactly should we be able to differentiate plastics that appear to be externally identical to the human eye? Hyperspectral Imaging makes the impossible possible:
The LuxFlux software uses optical measurement techniques to analyze the products. With the help of algorithms, the material properties are now “visible” to the human eye or to a machine.

Our technology reveals what is hidden from the human eye. We support the most varied sorting methods as well as process analysis.
Process analysis means the analysis of procedures and processes, for example, to identify existing defects or weaknesses during production. Following this, the production process can be optimized. Our software supports the work process by analyzing the goods in real-time, classifying them by properties, and providing information (for example, good or bad) via a protocol.

We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and non-contact measurements in real-time. The products to be analyzed can be checked without any physical contact. Due to the optical measuring method, there is no danger in the checking process. The quality of the objects to be examined is protected. The non-contact measuring process protects the goods from damage.

Our technology can identify and quantify a wide range of deviations as quickly and efficiently as possible.
This method enables more efficient work in a wide range of industrial sectors. Optimizing the sorting process ensures a high standard of quality. It ultimately facilitates the customer’s buying decision while protecting the consumer and enhancing the reputation of their own brand.

The left illustration shows an original photography (RGB camera) of different plastics. The same objects are shown on the right pictures. These are false-color coded images. The similar-looking substances are depicted with pseudocolors for a better identification. The material characteristics or material differences that appear in the hyperspectral analysis are visualized on the right in a simplified way. With this method the different substances can be identified and classified in a fast way.


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