Surface Analysis

For better control in production

The quality analysis of surfaces plays an essential role in the industrial production processes. Extremely important are the purity and cleanliness of different surfaces. To detect impurities and prevent the possible damage of the product, LuxFlux has developed a software-based measuring method for cameras, which is able to visualize particles that are impossible to capture for normal RGB cameras. The method is particularly suitable for detecting organic compounds.

There are many applications in the industrial sector: measuring oils and lubricants, but also evaluating surfaces are classic applications. This allows materials to be identified in real-time using a simple procedure. In this way, defects can be corrected and possible damage avoided.

Germany is known for its high standards in quality control. They have very strict guidelines. And there are a lot of conditions and restrictions that must be adhered to. In contrast to common samples, which in turn require higher costs and more time, LuxFlux offers a suitable alternative. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable complete, fast and non-contact measurement in the process.

The products to be analyzed can be checked without any physical contact. Due to the optical measuring method, there is no danger in the checking process. The quality of the objects to be examined is protected. The non-contact measuring process protects the goods from damage.

Process analysis means the analysis of procedures and processes, for example, to identify existing defects or weaknesses during production. Following this, the production process can be optimized. Our software supports the work process by analyzing the goods in real-time, classifying them by properties, and providing information (for example, good or bad) via a protocol.

Our technology can identify and measure as quickly as possible and most effectively the most diverse variations from fatty residues (e.g. oil traces) via moisture deposits, foreign substances and other contaminants through to “material deficiencies”.
This method enables more efficient work in a wide range of industrial sectors. Optimizing the sorting process ensures a high standard of quality. It ultimately facilitates the customer’s buying decision while protecting the consumer and enhancing the reputation of their own brand.


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