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LuxFlux produces state-of-the-art technologies with German engineered analytical algorithms for hyperspectral imaging. 

Germany is known for its high standards in quality control. They have very strict guidelines. There are a lot of conditions and restrictions that must be adhered to. In contrast to common samples, which in turn require higher costs and more time, LuxFlux offers a suitable alternative. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable a complete, fast and non-contact measurement in the process.

Our cross-platform software improves the quality control of all your products throughout its development. Our optical measurement processes can inspect your products without any physical contact providing in risk-free inspections of your products. It’s a non-intrusive procedure that protects all the products from potential damage or contamination, ensuring a high level of productivity and accurate quality control. 

The analytical examination determines more precise processes to help identify existing defects or weaknesses within and throughout the product’s development. Following this, the production process can be optimized. 

In addition, our sensors combine a wide range of values from the spectrometer to the hyperspectral with real-time imaging.

Our software supports the work process by analyzing the goods in real-time, classifying them by properties, and providing information (for example, good or bad) via a protocol.
Our technology can detect, identify and possibly quantify a wide range of deviations as quickly and efficiently as possible: moisture, non-fabricated objects (e.g. stones, sand particles, wood, paper, plastics or insects), unwanted by-products (such as shells, stems or leaves) and impurities, up to “material deficiencies” (such as bruises, too advanced maturity level, fungal or mold traces). Subsequently, the desired foreign substances can be sorted out of the machine to keep the product chain as pure as possible.

For a comprehensive understanding of the industries our software can be employed, please refer to our Industries.

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