Hyperspectral Imaging makes the impossible possible

Luxflux software is designed to sort and organize product data by identifying and classifying its compounds in real-time. 

Our cross-platform software improves the quality control of all your products throughout its development. Our optical measurement processes can inspect your products without any physical contact providing a risk-free inspection of your products. It’s a non-intrusive procedure that protects all the products from potential damage or contamination, guaranteeing a high level of productivity and accurate quality control. 

How can Luxflux distinguish between plastics that appear to be externally identical to the naked eye?

Luxflux’s state-of-the-art technologies are German engineered to reveal what is invisible to the naked eye. Our sensors combine a wide range of values from the spectrometer to the hyperspectral with real-time imaging. It’s the ideal system for making the invisible visible. 

Processing Chaos? We’ve got you sorted!

Luxflux has redefined sorting and organization with the end user in mind. Our Spectral Camera Systems are designed to work intuitively with our software application. Regardless of your local hardware, our cross-platform software will analyze and sort all the data from the spectrometers, multi-spectral or hyperspectral camera systems.

Luxflux optimizes the process using hyperspectral camera systems. Our technology can be applied to a wide range of camera models. The flexible architecture of our software allows to operate in highly diverse areas.

Our software’s sorting algorithms are designed to be used in the following industries:


  • Waste management procedures can be a challenge when striving to meet all the requirements of modern recycling practices. We are committed to encouraging positive change in waste management and recycling practices. LuxFlux is especially dedicated to resource efficiency.
    Our software’s measurement system is calibrated to detect and sort foreign substances and impurities during the recycling process. E.g. plastics, paper, glass etc. This state-of-the-art sorting solution will reduce your carbon footprint and help improve the environment, globally.
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  • LuxFlux produces state-of-the-art technologies that are German engineered, for analytical algorithms for hyperspectral imaging.
    Our cross-platform software improves the quality control in real-time of all your products throughout the food production line. Our optical measurement systems inspect your products (E.g. liquids, powders, legumes, fruits, vegetables, coffee beans or grains) without any physical contact providing risk-free examinations of your products. It’s a non-intrusive procedure that protects all the products from potential damage or contamination, ensuring a high level of productivity and accurate quality control.
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  • Our Hyperspectral Camera Systems are an invaluable tool in the pharmaceutical industry. They go beyond the spectrum of color the naked eye can see, for efficient examination on tablets, capsules, pills, fluid residues or blister packs, to ensure high-level productivity and accurate quality control. This way medicines can be inspected and discrepancies in consistency or composition can be detected.
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We know sorting

Hyperspectral cameras are ideally suited for sorting applications. Our cross-platform software allows you to perform sorting tasks in real-time.

We understand industry demands and the specific requirements for efficient software. Our software has been designed to be easily customizable due to its flexible and modular architecture. This adaptability led us to succeed in the recycling and food sorting industry. We have experience in various industries.

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