We make the invisible visible

Our technology reveals what is hidden from the human eye. We support many different sorting processes. Being organized makes life and work that much easier. Our software identifies and classifies the products in real-time. It improves sorting in many ways, because good organization is half the battle.

But how exactly should we be able to differentiate plastics that appear to be externally identical to the human eye?
Hyperspectral Imaging makes the impossible possible:
Our software uses optical measurement techniques to analyze the products. With the help of algorithms, the material properties are now “visible” to the human eye or to a machine.

Chaos on the assembly line? We clean up!

LuxFlux has optimized the sorting process. We have developed a software for cameras that improves the sorting process for organic substances.

Luxflux optimizes the process using hyperspectral camera systems. Our technology can be applied to a wide range of camera models. The flexible architecture of our software allows to operate in highly diverse areas. Our sorting solution is aimed at the following industries:


  • We accept the challenges of today’s waste management and successfully meet the requirements of the recycling industry. LuxFLux is especially dedicated to resource efficiency. Through our optimized measurement process, foreign substances are immediately recognized and sorted out during recycling (e.g. of plastics or paper). The sorting solution contributes greatly to the climate and environmental improvement.
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  • Germany is known for its high standards in quality control in the food industry. They have very strict guidelines. There are lot of conditions and restrictions that must be adhered to. In contrast to common samples, which in turn require higher costs and more time, LuxFlux offers a suitable alternative. We rely on hyperspectral technologies that enable a complete, fast and non-contact measurement in the process. The foods to be analyzed (be they liquids, powders, legumes, fruits, vegetables, coffee beans, grains, etc.) can be checked without any physical contact. ➲ read more


  • Hyperspectral camera systems go far beyond the visibility of standardized color cameras (RGB). As a result, hyperspectral analysis is needed, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, to quickly and efficiently “scan” tablets, capsules, pills, fluid residues or blister packs. This way medicines can be inspected and differences in consistency or composition can be detected. ➲ read more

We know sorting

Hyperspectral cameras are ideally suited for sorting applications. Our software allows you to quickly implement sorting applications. The software is based on a flexible and modular architecture that our clients can easily customize.

Food sorting or plastic recycling are typical applications. We have experience in various industries.

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