LuxFlux enables novel sensors

The recently founded company LuxFlux develops novel sensors based on light. With LuxFlux Sensors chemical compositions can be measured. Customers come from diverse industries, ranging from life sciences to traditional industries. The underlying technology is called ‘Photonics’ and the company sees great potential. “Our sensors are compact, robust and very accurate,” describes CEO Jan D. Makowski PhD the merits of its products. ‘Smart Factory’ and ‘Big Data’ are buzz words which LuxFlux sensors bring to life. The engineer sees his company in a good position to participate in the market growth. “We intentionally chose the Technology Park Tübingen-Reutlingen as our location. Here we can offer attractive jobs and have options to expand in future. We look forward to a positive company development.” In order to support the growth, the young company seeks graduates with a scientific background. Internships and theses are possible.