Hyperspectral image data for high-precision color measurement

LuxFlux has developed a technology to visualize a wide variety of material properties. For example, differences in structure and color can be identified, classified and measured.
Especially for high-quality goods, it is important that the individual products appear exactly the same. In order to maintain the value, it is of particular importance to produce uniform objects (textiles, prints, etc.) with exactly the same color.

Hyperspectral image processing is able to detect the smallest deviations and defects in the product. The inspection and process analysis can take place in real-time within the production process. This has a lot of advantages for the customer. The technology is ideal for optical measurements and analysis. The method provides optimal results. Using our software improves the quality of the product line. The products to be inspected can be checked without any physical contact. Due to the optical measurement methods, there is no risk that the quality of the objects is impaired. The non-contact measurement procedure protects the goods from damage.

Optimizing the analysis, inspection and sorting process ensures a high standard of quality. It ultimately facilitates the customer’s buying decision while protecting the consumer and enhancing the reputation of their own brand.