LuxFlux awarded by Chamber of Commerce

LuxFlux was awarded at the 2016 summit meeting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce Reutlingen. We are pleased with the honorary certificate in the category “Best Growth Conecpt”. This price is incentive and motivation .

Liquid Scanner measures liquids

LuxFlux presents a compact measuring device for measuring liquids. The device combines the advantages of a spectrometer with affordable and compact measurement technology. From any liquid a digital fingerprint can be generated which makes the liquid identifiable. Also concentration measurements are possible. Applications include process monitoring for example in the production of food, pharmaceuticals and […]

LuxFlux introduces new spectrometer module

LuxFlux introduces a new spectrometer module. It operates in the near infrared (NIR) and covers a wide range from 900 to 1700 nm. Due to the underlying chip technology the module is very compact. The module provides a fiber optic connection and can be integrated into a variety of applications in the laboratory and process […]

LuxFlux enables novel sensors

The recently founded company LuxFlux develops novel sensors based on light. With LuxFlux Sensors chemical compositions can be measured. Customers come from diverse industries, ranging from life sciences to traditional industries. The underlying technology is called ‘Photonics’ and the company sees great potential. “Our sensors are compact, robust and very accurate,” describes CEO Jan D. […]