“LuxFlux makes the invisible visible. We develop powerful, cross-platform software solutions focusing on light-based technologies via spectrometer and hyperspectral imaging.”

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We discover the invisible!

Our software suite for computer vision connects hyperspectral cameras to applications. Our open software architecture allows quick results: Build your hyperspectral application in hours! Bring your prototype into production! LuxFlux takes Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) from the lab to industrial and embedded applications.
The company’s main product is the suite. Our software is designed for reliability and real-time environments. It goes beyond traditional Computer Vision: The software can use any spectral source (spectrometer, push-broom, imager) and supports many cameras out of the box. The software uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to classify, identify or give quantitative results. The software runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. We support both CPU and GPU and run on the most common hardware platforms such as Intel/AMD and ARM.
Leveraging our software suite, we act as an integrator and offer complete hyperspectral inspection systems upon customer request. To provide complete customer solutions, we can also offer the associated hardware. We work with all major camera vendors to give the customer the best solution.
The company serves various industries with its applications: Industry inspection systems, inspection and sorting for recycling, quality control in food production and tablet inspection in pharma. We have experience in Industry, Pharma, MedTech, Microscopy, Food, Agriculture, Remote Sensing, UAVs, Polymers, Paper, Recycling, Color Measurements and Surface Analysis.


Jan Makowski studied Electrical Engineering and subsequently obtained his doctorate in Optical Microsystem-Technology. In January 2016, together with Co-Founder and business major Marc Henzler, LuxFlux GmbH was established with the vision of making spectroscopy suitable for mass production.


LuxFlux’s Software and Spectral Camera System employs computer vision and easy-to-use sensors. Our cross-platform software connects the camera to any local hardware or application, e.g. machine control. It prepares the data from the camera and processes it to transfer raw data into measurement data: Our algorithms analyze and transfer the raw data from the camera and reconfigures this measurable data into analytical, technological research, examinations, or measures suitable for the end-user. Based on these measurement data, the software can generate decisions and passes it on to the controller or makes it available to the user. We adopted automation-technology open standards for greater adaptability for machine integration.

The different fields of application can be subdivided into analysis processes, inspection systemssorting, surface analysis, and color measurement.

For a comprehensive understanding of the industries our software can be employed, please refer to our Industries.

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